querulousennui (querulousennui) wrote in tapewormproject,

a lost hope

ok. i've given up all hope.

when was this anticipated tapworm project supposed to be out---around 2002 and 2003. yeah. great. it's 2005 now.
no sign of it being released.

there was that "vacant" song played by apc being passed around the internet for a while, and probably still is...that was in 2000...it's 2005 now.
there's also a few that may/may not be part of it with 12rounds, uneven, marilyn manson (i really have no idea who to credit these songs to...i know that they're not on any records i can find)

so maybe it's gone for good...why? because trent is a perfectionist and (probably) was really pissed that apc played a song from it...the collaborators had projects of their own...trent had his own other projects to be doing...maybe creative conflicts...control conflicts...anything!...is it done? who knows! definitely not (in trent's eyes) if it's not released.

however, with teeth is due out in less than one month...trent still has a ridiculous cult following and he seems to be doing well and is playing this may and summer. sounds good!
...except for: i can't believe that he seriously thought he couldn't sell out bigger venues. oh well. they'll be another tour for all who did/couldn't see this one coming up.
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