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I have Kazaa Lite, and by the chance that something might have leaked, I typed in "Tapeworm Project", and foud a few things, well actually more than I thought I would. So I downloaded them, and for the most part I like it. Some of it seemed a bit more Chemical Brothers, than anything Trent or James have done, but eh. There was one song though that is either Trent or the lead singer of Filter, the name of the song is, "Burn", and it's actually REALLY good... And in form with NIN songs... Was just wondering how valid this is, if anyone might know...
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The only valid Tapeworm is the song played by A Perfect Circle live, titled either "Vacant", or "Perfect Enemy."

There are hundreds of fake songs people made or renamed under Tapeworm. One I know of is "Appendage" (not the NIN appendage), which has someone (sounds like a clip of Trent) over and over: "yeah yeah yeah."
They seem a bit Chemical Brothers because they probably are done with Chemical Brothers samples and/or other easy-to-sample electronica.

Burn: as in "Burn" from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack?
It might have been, now that I think about it. I will have to re-listen to confirm...

But thanks for the heads up!!
You're always welcome.